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Subject: Why does cola cool quicker than beer or water?

Date: Fri Jan 5 08:15:34 2001
Posted by Gerry
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: Clemson University
City: Clemson State/Province: SC Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 978700534.Ph

This question comes from a variety of discussions for cooling beer. We 
used rock salt in an ice-water solution to cool a keg of beer quickly (We 
understood this from our Engineering Thermodynamics classes).  And being 
Engineers, our beer drinking group (over the last 25+ years), has 
discussed a variety methods for cooling beer.  Now that most of the group 
has children, we include "Cola" into the "cooler", and it gets to drinking 
temperature quiker than beer.  Now we do have theories... such as 
requiring more energy to cool the Alcohol, or density of the liquid, Sugar 
or other chemicals in the cola, and so on...  Therefore, my interest, is 
in an understanding of why liquids cool at different rates using the same 
cooling method.

Re: Why does cola cool quicker than beer or water?

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