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Re: Do bugs sleep/ nap, and when (does it matter)?

Date: Sun Jan 21 01:08:09 2001
Posted By: Richard Kingsley, Science teacher
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 979235267.Gb

Hi Benjamin,

In the general sense of the word, bugs definitely do sleep. They don't close their eyes, but their rates of oxygen consumption do drop at various periods during a 24 hour cycle. Does it matter when? You bet it does. An insect has various needs; they have to find a mate, find enough food and avoid predators in the process. Thus, every insect has their own time of day or night when sleep is appropriate for them. Moths tend to have a period of inactivity during the day. Like many other insects, they will find a place of refuge, such as the underside of a leaf, to avoid predators. For dragonflies, who hunt and court mates by sight, there is no point remaining active at night.

You may find more information on this subject in a book called Insect Photoperiodism by Stanley Beck.

Hope this helps

Richard Kingsley

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