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Subject: Can a persons heart rate be affected through music ?

Date: Thu Dec 28 19:46:13 2000
Posted by Jillian
Grade level: 7-9 School: Saint Martha
City: Akron State/Province: Ohio Country: USA
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 978050773.An

   I am doing a science fair project on the guestion listed above. My 
project had to be approved before I started my experiment. The judges were 
afraid that I would be putting my paticipants in danger. So they suggested 
that I would take others information on other studies of this area or work 
with a proffesionl on my project. I was unsuccesful on finding someone or 
other information. So I found this site and wondered if you could give me 
some advice or some answers on my project........ Thankyou-Jillian Zak

Re: Can a persons heart rate be affected through music ?

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