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Subject: Concerning the Galapagos islands...

Date: Mon Jan 22 16:24:50 2001
Posted by Brian
Grade level: 10-12 School: Mayde Creek High School
City: Houston State/Province: tx Country: usa
Area of science: Evolution
ID: 980198690.Ev

The Galapagos islands are supposed as only 5 million years old, and began 
with very scarce life, leading into an inhabitation by birds and aquatic 
life. Considering all of these premises as true, how is it theorized that 
these islands possessed mammals and other land animals? If it is theorized 
that these animals were brought over by humans, wouldn't that give these 
animals very little time to have evolved (rejecting any ideas of 
speciation on these islands by mammals)? Considering the finches, what is 
their usual flight range in search of food (if these too were theorized to 
be brought over by humans, then we must reject Darwin’s observations of 
speciation)? On the animal channel, during the program “The Quest” 
(February 7, 2001, 12:47 AM), a statement was made that all land animals 
got to the Galapagos by staying on driftwood until it finally landed on 
the island. This seems to be one of the most ad hoc hypotheses I have ever 
heard. Isn’t it more likely that species were brought over by humans, or 
some other theory that does not involve an incredible amount of variables, 
tending one to lead to the conclusion that land life should have never 
occurred on this island? 

Re: Concerning the Galapagos islands...

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