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Subject: Why doesn't a frozen candle burn slower than a room temp candle?

Date: Tue Jan 16 23:36:13 2001
Posted by Olivia Schreader
Grade level: 4-6 School: Glenwood School
City: San Rafael State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 979706173.Ch

My first ? was ID#978478111.  In experimenting, the room temp candles burn
a tiny bit faster at first, but then both burn at same rate.(This doesn't 
work with birthday cake candles, so I tried with 8" taperd candles to see 
if there was a differce. I marked exactly 2" down from top of each, and 
made sure the wicks were the same length.   The frozen parafin must come 
to room temp quickly, because there isn't much time difference.  The oil 
in the parafin must freeze at a lower temp than water and then the 
molecules must come back together fast when they warm upand get close to 
the candle flame.  Right?  
So I think my mom is wasting the energy of the freezer by putting her 
candles in there, becuase there is hardly any difference in the time it 
takes to burn either candles.  
Thank you.

Re: Why doesn't a frozen candle burn slower than a room temp candle?

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