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Subject: What do I need to Re-build my old computer.

Date: Wed Jan 24 22:53:08 2001
Posted by Michael
Grade level: 7-9 School: Woodside High School
City: Redwood City State/Province: California Country: United States
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 980394788.Cs

In 1996 my family bought a computer that was customized to our 
specifications. It was mainly for school work, had minimal internet 
abilities, and no sound or video card. Since then we have bought a new 
computer and I am planning to re-build our OLD computer. I was wondering 
If I need to buy a whole new "Mother" board or if I could use the one that 
is already in there. And if there are any other MAJOR things that i would 
need to buy for it to work to my standards.

I plan to put in a VooDoo 3 video card, at LEAST a 16 bit soundcard, an at 
LEAST 128 megs of ram, and a new hard drive at least 10 gigs and prolly 
about a pentium 2 processor. So i dont know what else i would need but any 
help would be apreciated.

P.S. Do you think that it would be A LOT cheaper to buy a new computer 
because i want this experience but dont wanna drain my bank account.

Re: What do I need to Re-build my old computer.

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