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Subject: how to construct tangent galvanometer?

Date: Sat Dec 16 08:38:41 2000
Posted by aparna
Grade level: 10-12 School: Rajhans vidyalaya
City: mumbai State/Province: maharashtra Country: india
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 976973921.Eg

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Re: how to construct tangential galvanometer?

Greetings Aparna - Your question was submitted to the MadSci Network but we 
were unable to answer it for the following reason:

We have sent your question to a number of our experts but are unable to 
answer your question - we do not know what a tangential galvanometer is.  
Please provide a more specific description of what you are asking.  
Questions may be resubmitted via

Thanks for using our site.

	Kieran Kelly, Admin MadSci Network

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Re: how to construct tangent galvanometer?

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