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Subject: Does skin cancer infect your cells?

Date: Mon Dec 18 09:09:17 2000
Posted by Mike
Grade level: 4-6 School: Calvert School
City: Baltimore State/Province: MD Country: USA
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 977148557.Cb

its for a project and i would appriciate your help if you would be kind
enough to give it


Re: Does skin cancer infect your cells?

Greetings - Your question was not submitted to the 
MadSci Network for the following reason:

We are not intended as a service to do homework (science
projects.. graduate research..) for you. If you have a question
concerning a specific homework problem or project, *please*
ask along the line of what you don't understand, and what you have
tried to reach a solution, as opposed to having us do the
work for you.

In addition, the MadSci Library at 
contains links to sites that provide good starting points
for researching topics, and has information about how to run
WWW searches, access USENET groups or the MEDLINE database of
biomedical journal articles.

	Sanjida Rangwala, Admin MadSci Network

This is for a school project.

MadSci Network

Re: Does skin cancer infect your cells?

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