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Subject: How can I use the power from a rubber band to it's fullest?

Date: Wed Jan 10 17:56:48 2001
Posted by Greg Conner
Grade level: 10-12 School: Jeffersonville High School/Design Technology Student
City: Jeffersonville State/Province: Indiana Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 979167408.Eg

I am a senior in high school, and this year for my Design Technology Class 
I and another fellow class mate intend to build a rubber band dragster; 
one that I can sit in the cockpit of and maneuver.  The vehicle's frame 
will be made of mostly aluminum (or another light metal) and then using 
cardboard, we will construct the body of the car.  The most difficult part 
of the problem is propulsion.  I have researched quite thoroughly, and so 
far, the best method of propulsion by means of a rubber band would be to 
attach the rubber band directly to the axle, and wrap it around the axle, 
or to attach a string to a rubber band anchored at the front of the 
vehicle, then wrap the string about the axle.  Any ideas or suggestions on 
how to use the energy from the rubber band to the fullest?  Also, 
suggestions for frame and body materials and gear linkage would also be 
quite helpful, for the information out there is limited to applications of 
toy cars 12" in length, not 7'.

Re: How can I use the power from a rubber band to it's fullest?

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