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Re: Does it rain in outterspace?

Date: Wed Jan 31 21:43:55 2001
Posted By: Camilo Ernesto Mendoza Huezo, Grad student, Computer Science, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California - Ensenada
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 980723171.As

If you are refering to rain like you see it here on Earth then no, because 
in space there is no one way for the water to fall down to like on Earth. 
Here, gravity pulls down the water molecules and they fall 
down to the ground, then they are heated up by the sun and the water turns in to 
vapor in the atmosphere. There a lot of the molecules bundle up 
together and the heavier bundles are pulled by gravity to become raindrops.
In outer space there is no liquid water and no strong gravity pulling on the
water molecules so they are just floating, and there is no rain in outer space.

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