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Re: What is the most effective Way for cleaning teeth?

Date: Mon Jan 29 14:38:11 2001
Posted By: Shibbi, Undergraduate, medical, FJDC
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 980708238.An

Hi Elma,
i exactly dont know wat you want to ask, the effective way cleaning or 
toothpaste which is most efective on cleaning our teeth? anyways the most 
effective way for cleaning the teeth is to move brush up and down or side 
ways but with a very slight pressure ... one dont have to spent all his 
power on brushing ... and hard and soft brushes dont effect as well cause 
its just the abrasive material. But one thing which is important is the 
brushing time which should  be about 4-5 minutes. i know its a little bit 
more but beleive me it really effect the oral hygeine of one's mouth. 
And about the toothpaste, usually it dont effect but you can use any 
toothpaste containing fluroide in it. cause fluride acts as anti-
cariogenic. and once more the thing which really effect is the brushing 
time and atleast 3 times brushing a day.
sHiBBi :o)

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