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Re: What proportion of sodium sulfide to distilled water to test for lead?

Date: Wed Feb 7 10:36:14 2001
Posted By: Bob Weeks, Staff, Environmental Science, NMED DOE Oversight Bureau
Area of science: Environment & Ecology
ID: 981120545.En

Likely a good quantity of sodium sulfide to put into distilled water would
be 5 grams into 100 mL of the distilled water. If you get a black
precipitate this could be considered as positive for lead, however, other
things can also give a black precipitate. It would be good to have a second
test to confirm the presence of lead and this would be a fun research
project. One substance which also reacts with lead is often found in
hardware stores in Lead Test Kits. it gives a pink or red color w/lead, but
I forget its name.

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