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Re: How do I increase the voltage in my home made battery

Date: Wed Feb 7 18:08:03 2001
Posted By: Sam Barros, Undergraduate, Aerospace Engineering, POWERLABS
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 979357955.Eg

 You can increase the current flow of a battery by using larger plates, or 
setting up several plates in parallel. You can increase its voltage by 
placing the plates in series. Aluminium and Titanium are not very far on 
the electro negativity series. A far better battery could be made with 
Zinc and copper. That should give you about 1,3volts per section. You 
should try and test their voltage and current capabilities first before 
you try powering anything off them. You may find that home made batteries 
do not output a whole lot of power… I suggest you try powering a small 
digital watch: The power requirements of those are much lower than the 
bulb. A single lemon or potato with one copper bar stuck in one side and a 
zync bar stuck in the other is capable of powering a wrist watch for 
several months if done right.

 Sam Barros

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