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Re: What are the elements involved in the chemical reaction of making steel?

Date: Wed Feb 7 12:21:59 2001
Posted By: Bob Gibilisco, Staff, Process Engineering, Retired
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 980634960.Ch

Carbon is the principle hardening element added to Iron and is present in 
all steels.
There are several alloying elements used in making steel to render desired 
properties. Typical properties are hardness, toughness, abrasion 
resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. Alloy additions must be maintained 
within a range of percentages to produce good quality steel.
When selecting an alloy capable of meeting more than one requirement, some 
compromises must be made. For example, adding Phosphorus will increase 
strength and hardness but will sacrifice ductility (the capability of 
being formed to a shape).

The reference will define the effects of alloying elements.

Ref: Steel Data Book: Effects of 
Alloying Elements    

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