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Re: How long do pole beans grow?

Date: Fri Feb 16 11:22:39 2001
Posted By: Henri Maurice, Chair of Biology, University of Southern Indiana
Area of science: Botany
ID: 980211582.Bt

Your question is a little confusing.  When you say how long do pole beans 
grow do you mean how tall or high they get or do you mean how long the pods 
get?  Do you mean how many days/years?  I'll answer all of these for you and 
the source of this information is from various garden catalogues.

Pole beans are vines.  Certain types grow to has much as 10 or 12 feet.  The 
bean pods can grow to as long as 8 or 9 inches but if they grow too long 
they do not taste as good.  Pole beans are annuals.  This means they grow 
for only 1 growing season and die.  They start producing beans in about 55 
days from seeds, sometimes longer, sometimes less.

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