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Subject: Is the human eye full size at birth or does it grow with the child.

Date: Tue Feb 6 00:02:11 2001
Posted by Kai
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Coombabah state High
City: Gold Coast State/Province: Queensland Country: Australia
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 981435731.An

I am a science teacher at a high school in Australia and a student made the 
comment that human eyes don't growth, but that you are born with full sized 
eye's. This seems a bit odd to me as during human development, I thought 
the eye changed it's shape as the socket around the eye grew. I have 
checked the web for specific answers but failed to locate any information. 
Most article refer to the eye being nearly fully developed at birth but 
fail to mention whether it is full grown, size-wize at this stage of 
development. Could you please check this fact for me as I have reached the 
limits of my resources.

Re: Is the human eye full size at birth or does it grow with the child.

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