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Re: why does catalase enzyme breakdown hydrogen peroxide in the liver?

Date: Fri Feb 23 08:23:06 2001
Posted By: Shibbi, Undergraduate, medical, FJDC
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 982881470.Im

Salaam Khurrum,

First of all very good question because I had to open many many books to find the answer. Anyway as you know hydrogen peroxide is microbicidal and its degradation limits the ability of neutrophils to kill. That's why organisms like Staphylococci produce CATALASE (as it degrades hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water) H2O2 ------ > O2 + H2O and producing oxygen rich medium or supply allows the bacteria to live easily. This is not the physiologic reaction but its a pathologic reaction, as CATALASE is secreted by some pathogens. H A V E A N I C E D A Y !! sHiBBi

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