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Re: ABOUT how fast does water evaporate this time of year in Texas?

Date: Tue Feb 27 00:29:37 2001
Posted By: Denni Windrim, Staff, science, Sylvan Learning Centre
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 982899995.Es

There is no real answer for your question. Water does not evaporate at 
different rates in Texas than it does anywhere else. Water evaporation rate 
depends on only a few factors:

-temperature - water evaporates more quickly when it is warm than when it is 

- relative humidity - water evaporates more quickly when the RH is low than 
it does when it is high

- air motion - water will evaporate more quickly if the air above it is 
constantly being replaced, given that the temperature is above freezing and 
the RH is low 

Case in point: water can evaporate more quickly in the summer above the 
Arctic Circle than it might in Houston in the winter.

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