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Re: Is Turnerīs Syndrome inheritable?

Date: Wed Feb 28 09:28:13 2001
Posted By: Yvonne A. Simpson, Grad student, Pathology, Edinburgh University
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 982929911.Ge

Dear Eva, 
Turner's syndrome is caused by complete or partial absense of one of the 2 
x xhromosomes a female should have.  Females with this syndrome do suffer 
from fertility problems.  Women with this condition who want to conceive 
usually use a donor egg which is implanted into their own womb.  If they 
don't have 2 normal X-chromosomes then about half of their eggs would 
definitely carry an abnormal X (if they had a partial x chromosome) or they 
may not get any eggs if the lack of an X interferes with meiosis.  It is 
probable just less risky to use a donor egg incase of a problem with the 
females own.  Why not have a look at this webpage and contact these people?
Hope this helps, 
In a sense the syndrome is not heritable in the case of infertile females 
but if an egg was produced and it carried an abnormal X then the result 
would be the syndrome.  However, since an egg only has half the parents 
chromosomes then if it got the good X it would be ok.  I just don't know if 
the ladies are capable of producing eggs (you'd have to contact the society 
for that info).  From what you wrote they must be able to produce healthy 
eggs from their normal X chromosome.  

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