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Subject: Forming chemical bonds releases energy, why?

Date: Sun Feb 11 10:23:09 2001
Posted by Richard
Grade level: teacher/prof School: Pioneer High School
City: Ann Arbor State/Province: Mi Country: No country entered.
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 981904989.Ch

I am puzzled how forming bonds (increasing the attractions and decreasing 
the replusions) can release energy (heat).  It is more difficult to 
conceptualize than breaking bonds absorbing heat.  Does it have something 
to do with the electrons being at a lower quantum level?  If so, does the 
kinetic energy of the electrons get transferred to the molecule as a 
whole?  Is there something strange happening like resonance of an electro-
magnetic field heating up the molecule.  Thanks for your time!, Rich

Re: Forming chemical bonds releases energy, why?

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