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Subject: Is cancer as devastating to plant as in human?

Date: Wed Feb 28 18:35:57 2001
Posted by h5nl
Grade level: undergrad School: Mississippi State University
City: Mississippi State State/Province: MS Country: USA
Area of science: Molecular Biology
ID: 983403357.Mb

In human, cancer or tumor cells can develop to become metastasis and recurrence 
of cancer on the other part of the bodies is common. 
Also, i understand that most of the tumor cells has defect p53 genes, i.e. the 
tumor suppression gene.
However, tumor in plant, as far as i known, called gall, isnt as devastating as 
it is in human and it is localized. 
I wonder whether the different is due to the different molecular mechanism plant 
cells has to suppress the uncontrol cell proliferation? Is there any study shown 
that p53 or some similar tumor suppression genes present in plant cells?

Thank you.

Re: Is cancer as devastating to plant as in human?

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