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Subject: How does circular polarity on satellites work?

Date: Fri Feb 16 17:28:21 2001
Posted by Dan (CS Student)
Grade level: undergrad School: Lakehead University
City: Thunder Bay State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 982362501.Eg

I work as a Satellite installer in the summer, and I used to work on C-Band
satellites, then when they became more popular, the so-called "mini" dishes. I
find that when I'm installing ExpressVu hardware (Dish Network) polarity is not
an issue - in fact, I can rotate the feed 90 degrees without experiencing any
signal loss! How on earth does this work? I thought that the receving antennas
needed to be aligned with the satellite.

Re: How does circular polarity on satellites work?

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