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Re: How do I measure tooth decay without an X-ray machine?

Date: Sat Mar 3 02:15:39 2001
Posted By: Shibbi, Undergraduate, medical, FJDC
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 983510037.Gb

hello Natalie,
you can't measure tooth decay from X-ray. X-ray is just useful for the 
see the broken part and to check the root status. i won't go in details as i 
know that you are from KG ..... anyways about soaking the tooth in different 
mediums, you can't measure tooth decay this way either, just the acidity of the 
medium. The more acidic the medium, the quicker it will take to break the tooth 
so the best thing to do would be to time the breakdown of the tooth in different 
mediums... so ... the most acidic medium you'll find will most probably cola 
.... and off course you will get quicker results by renewing the liquids daily, 
since you'll be adding back more of the acid.
have fun
have a nice day 
sHiBBi :o) 

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