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Re: Can sunlight be converted to kinetic then magnetic energy?

Date: Tue Mar 6 15:41:32 2001
Posted By: Frank Berauer, Technology Transfer Engineer Microelectronics
Area of science: Physics
ID: 983066789.Ph

A magnetic field can only be created by an electric current. It is
possible to convert
light into electric energy (e.g. in a solar cell) and use this to
create a magnetic field.
It is also possible to convert light into kinetic energy, but to
create a magnetic field
from that, you have to convert movement into electric energy again
(e.g. by turbine
or generator, which moves a conductor in a static magnetic field
- is that what you
meant by "armature"?).
It is worthwhile to note that light is a very high-frequency electromagnetic
wave and
as such has a magnetic component. I do not know any application of
that magnetic
field directly, though.


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