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Subject: What/how does one charge for bekeeper consulting?

Date: Fri Feb 2 06:22:43 2001
Posted by Blinda
Grade level: nonaligned School: Good Shepherd Medical Center (work)
City: Longview State/Province: Texas Country: Gregg
Area of science: Agricultural Sciences
ID: 981112963.Ag

My semi retired MD friend is interested in beekeeping and going commercial 
in the future. She is in the comercial green house biz and has 5 acres of 
citrus trees she sells/grows (?). I suggested starting with five hives, 
thats what I can handle right now. I am a busy ICU nurse that works 7p-7a. 
I want to help her but I am clueless about what or how to charge. Can you 

Re: What/how does one charge for bekeeper consulting?

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