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Re: What type of powder would be used in print-dusting a nonpourus object?

Date: Sun Mar 11 22:39:23 2001
Posted By: Helen Stubbs, Staff, Fingerprint Expert, Humberside Police Fingerprint Bureau
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 982355712.Ch

The substance most commonly used in the examination of non-porous surfaces such as glass is aluminium powder, applied very lightly with a horsehair brush. The aluminium powder adheres to the acquaeous components of sweat in a latent fingerprint making it visible, this result can then be photographed or 'lifted' using adhesive tape and placing on to an acetate sheet. This process is used daily in British scenes of crime examination, where there is only fingerprint evidence.

Further processes are available under laboratory conditions if items are to be treated for other contaminants.

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