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Subject: Resubmitted: Marble breaks Coke bottle; steel bearings-never...(?)

Date: Tue Feb 13 21:24:06 2001
Posted by Roger
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Area of science: Physics
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"Dennis the Menace" slingshots at the junkyard decades ago demonstrated 
one immutable truth-- Marbles break upon impact as did the target Coke 
bottle.  Steel ball bearings never left so much as a mark.  We used a wide 
range of velocities AND narrowing (dangerous!!) distances to the target.  
The results were predictable and consistantly repeatable.  Some guys had 
big double band slings, some had store bought "toy" jobs, some had 
surgical tubing and a long draw. Wide range-variables;same outcome! (?)THNX

Re: Resubmitted: Marble breaks Coke bottle; steel bearings-never...(?)

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