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Subject: how does a whistling tea kettle work

Date: Sun Mar 4 20:57:23 2001
Posted by linda manzi
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Area of science: Engineering
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I am an 8th grade student.  My science project is on sound.  I have to 
demonstrate a sound (not made by animals or humans), who invented the sound and 
how it works.  i picked a whistling tea kettle.  I can't seem to find who 
invented it.  Also am i correct to say that a tea kettle whistles when the 
heat, which consists of atom, molecules and ions, reaches the boiling poing of 
100 degrees and the pressure of the heated water against the inside of the tea 
kettle turns to  water vapor and forces some air out of the small opening (the 
whistle??) and that makes the noise.  any information on the inventor and if my 
explanation is correct would be appreciated.  thank you

Re: how does a whistling tea kettle work

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