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Re: Quarks as memory devices.

Date: Mon Mar 12 17:24:12 2001
Posted By: Karl Kolbus, Staff, Data processing, Mequon Consulting Corp.
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 983772801.Cs

Hello Purna,

While this question is somewhat outside my area of expertise, I would have 
to say that yes, in theory, quarks could be used to store data. The 
practical application of this is another story entirely; one that probably 
won't be written in my lifetime!

My "spin on quarks" (pardon the obvious pun) is that only the "up" 
and "down" are stable enough for this purpose; the others decay very 

If you follow this link, you will find as much (and probably more) 
information on quarks than you had hoped for. Also, click on one of the 
many hyperlinks in the article and it will take you to the best glossary 
of particle physics that I have ever seen, and links to other articles and 


Your not-so-mad scientist,

Karl Kolbus

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