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Re: What can I do in these fields at this age?

Date: Thu Mar 15 10:28:56 2001
Posted By: Daniel R. Pratt, Staff, Archaeology, Oertel Architects
Area of science: Other
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You don't say where you live, so I can't provide specific opportunities, but I would suggest that you arrange to volunteer with a local or regional archaeological unit (either private or associated with a university). I worked with volunteers of all ages for several years, and it's a great experience for all! Getting a little field experience now will help you develop archaeological skills that can be used no matter where you choose to work.

There are a number of books about Egyptian heiroglyphs, but none that I know of that are geared specifically toward teaching the language to students your age. I might suggest, though, a book entitled Reading Egyptian Art, which gives fascinating insights into the meanings behind the symbols used in Egyptian writing.

Good luck!

Daniel R. Pratt

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