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Re: Is getting my hair straightened bad for my hair?What are the effects of it?

Date: Wed Mar 7 20:10:35 2001
Posted By: Chris Larson, Research Scientist
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 981425907.Bc

Dear Desperate,

For an explanation at the molecular level of what happens when you get 
your hair straightened, see one of my previous answers. The 
side effects of getting your hair straightened would probably be the same 
as the side effects from getting a perm since it is the same process. If 
you have ever had a perm, did your hair get fragile? If so, it will 
probably happen again. If not, it is really hard to say since some 
people's hair handles it very well and other people's hair doesn't. 
Unfortunately the only thing you can do if you have never had a perm is 
just try it. 


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