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Subject: What, if anything, doe the 'J-K' in J-K Flip-Flop stand for?

Date: Sun Mar 11 22:33:50 2001
Posted by Mike
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> I have been asked by a coworker this question and thought it would be easy
> to answer - no. The only mentions I have seen indicate that J and K just
> happen to be adjacent letters of the alphabet. This may be the answer but
> does not seem very satisfying.

In this context a flip-flop is an electronic bistable memory cell. There are
several kinds:
D Type, a simple Data flip-flop.
S-R Type, slightly more complex Set-Reset
J-K Type, more sophisticated still.

Re: What, if anything, doe the 'J-K' in J-K Flip-Flop stand for?

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