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Subject: What determins the speed of a muscle reaction and execution?

Date: Thu Mar 15 22:13:39 2001
Posted by Pradu
Grade level: 7-9 School: Union 9th and 10th grade center
City: Tulsa State/Province: OK Country: USA
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 984712419.An

I taking AP Biology and I seem to be interested in the subject. (thats my 
reason. from now on I explain my Question.) I see that there is a "sliding 
concept theory". What determines the speed at which the Myosin is contracted. 
What determines the speed of reaction to the enzymes.(excuse my spelling if I 
made a mistake) How is the rate of oxygen input determined? Is there a limit to 
a speed that a muscle can contract (excluding the obvious "you will pull your 
arm"). And who ever answers this Question, Can you please give me your e-mail 
address? Please. So that I can contact you on your answer if I need a clearer 
understanding of certain parts of your answer.

Re: What determins the speed of a muscle reaction and execution?

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