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Re: can local immusupression be given after cadaveric hand transplant?

Date: Mon Mar 19 16:57:38 2001
Posted By: Richard Deem, Staff, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Area of science: Immunology
ID: 976803278.Im

The first cadaveric hand transplant was done in 1999. Other transplants have followed this one. Systemic immunosuppressant (methylprednisolone) is necessary to combat rejection, since there is no way to deliver a local immunosuppressant on a continuous basis. The reason for this is because the patient's T-cells (which can cause allograft rejection) circulate throughout the allograft and will recognize foreign cells at any point within the transplant. However, topical immunosuppressants (tacrolimus and clobetasol) are used to lessen the impact of rejection of the skin of the allograft.


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