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Subject: How come Vasectomy has no adverse effects?

Date: Wed Mar 14 02:51:41 2001
Posted by Ashutosh
Grade level: 10-12 School: Dropout
City: Jaipur State/Province: Rajasthan Country: India
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 984556301.Me

I was reading about Vasectomy the other day, and from what I learned, it's 
basically a process where they cut out a portion of the Vasa deferentia so that 
none of the sperms can reach the Seminal Vesicle. Now what I want to know is how 
that isn't causing any adverse effects. First of all, where do all those sperms 
go? If they just accumulated around the region that was cut off, isn't there a 
chance of some kind of infection or something? And secondly, since the male body 
never stops producing sperms, won't the sheer volume of sperms that are produce 
have any effects? 

Re: How come Vasectomy has no adverse effects?

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