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Re: How do scientist genetically engineer food?

Date: Thu Mar 22 13:32:12 2001
Posted By: Wendy Shearer, Staff, Plant Molecular BIology, Lorus Therapeutics
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 984597254.Ge

Hey Tom!

There is one site that may answer all your questions. Its hosted by the 
National Centre for Biotecnology Information. This is were almost every 
Biotechnologist searches for everything form Journal articals to DNA 
sequences. All new gene and promoter sequences are posted in their database 
so that they can be used as a reference. Almost every scientific journal 
posts abstracts (summeries) of recent publications. The URL for this site 

I also did a quick search on the net and came up with a few other good 
sites. The first one would be This is a canadian site 
and the information there is very good. The next site that I found was which was also full of good info. There was a really 
cool quiz if you follow the link at and it also has 
some good articles.... The last site that I think you may like would be take time to follow the links becasue 
this site explains everything you need to know about molecular genetics and 

Good luck.

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