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Re: What is the concentration of sodium chloride in the mouth - in the saliva

Date: Mon Mar 19 19:39:33 2001
Posted By: Bev Fang, Medical student, Medicine, Albany Medical College
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 983726334.Bc

Ross, Michael H., Romrell, Kaye.
Histology. A Text and Atlas.  3rd edition.  

Paraphrased below:
Saliva contains mostly water, proteins, glycoproteins (enzyme 'n 
antibodies), electrolytes (potassium about 7x that of blood, sodium about 
one tenth of blood, and bicarbonate concentration about 3x that of blood).

Specific info:
Sodium  15.0 mg/mL
Chloride  50.0 mg/mL

Other stuff:  all in mg/mL  
Organic constituents -
Protein [total is 220.0 mg/mL. only some were listed:]
  amylase (does this compare with your figure?)  38.0 mg/mL
  lysozyme 22.0  [antibacterial enzyme]
  sIgA 19.0
  IgC  1.4
  IgM  0.2
  [Ig's are antibodies]
Glucose  1.0 
Urea 20.0
Uric acid 1.5
Creatinine 0.1
Cholesterol 8.0
cAMP 7.0

Inorganic constituents -
  smokers 9.0.  nonsmokers 2.0
Calcium  5.8
Phosphate  16.8
Fluoride  "traces (according to intake)"

Good luck on your experiment!!


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