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Subject: How do matter and antimatter interact mathematically?

Date: Tue Mar 6 12:00:15 2001
Posted by Aditya Choudhary
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Area of science: Physics
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At elementary level we understand that if we add a number squared to its 
negative number squared what we get is twice the square of the number.
Now let's apply this concept to a world of matter, antimatter and one which has 

Suppose we have an amount of matter A and an amount of antimatter -A, we add 
them what we get is zero. suppose we sqare them then what happens the 
antimatter world falls into the matter world ( converse is not true for matter 
world) and we get a summation as twice the sqaure of matter and 
resultantly ...???

Should not the dealings solely with -ve numbers fall in the third quadrant and 
tose with +ve numbers in first quadrant and therefore diffrent altogather.

Re: How do matter and antimatter interact mathematically?

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