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Subject: Is there any moon has its own moons ?

Date: Tue Mar 20 02:01:52 2001
Posted by Chalermpol
Grade level: undergrad School: KMUTT
City: Toongkhroo State/Province: Bangkok Country: Thailand
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 985071712.As

The sun have planets, some planets have moons, Is there any sub-
moons ?
At the biginning everything in an galaxy is a big gas ball, the sun is the 
hottest and biggest thing in a system, the planests (in theory) comes 
from the sun, then the first question is if the earth is from the sun, then 
why the temperature of the earth' core is so far from the sun' surface ?
and the second one is if a planet can have moon, then can a moon have 
it's own moons like those planets have ?

Re: Is there any moon has its own moons ?

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