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Subject: How does liquified oxygen and hdrogen burn?

Date: Fri Mar 9 20:51:07 2001
Posted by luke bradshaw
Grade level: 7-9 School: Cascade High School
City: Everett State/Province: WA Country: United States
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 984189067.Ch

I was doing research on some of the NASA missions and realized that usually 
oxygen and hdrogen make water or hydrogen peroxide.  Water being H2O does not 
burn and it is a simplier molecule so it seems it would probably combine to 
form water.  Hydrogen peroxide which is H2O2 and can be used as an oxidizer and 
is probably not formed as often because the molecule is a little more complex.  
So why does it burn for the shuttle if it is most likely to form water?

Re: How does liquified oxygen and hdrogen burn?

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