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Subject: What difference does a change in the earth's orbit make

Date: Tue Mar 20 22:04:51 2001
Posted by Morris Wakenya
Grade level: grad (science) School: Rooservelt University
City: Evanston State/Province: IL Country: USA
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 985143891.As

I know that the earth orbits the sun in an eliptical orbit that is constant ...
or rather, changes very, very slightly over the course of many years.
But I once heard that if the entire orbit was reduced by a distance of a few 
centimeters, that this would drastic changes in the weather patterns on earth.
Infact, that is what causes the ice age's that the earth had every so many 
hundreds of thousands of years.
So my question is, it true that a change of afew centimeters in the earths
orbit could cause drastic changes on the earths weather?

Re: What difference does a change in the earth's orbit make

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