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Re: What are types of sound energy, that is kinetic and potential?

Date: Wed Apr 4 04:06:18 2001
Posted By: Bruno Putzeys, Staff, Electroacoustics and Analog Electronics, Philips ITCL
Area of science: Other
ID: 985749145.Ot


Any kind of wave transmission require two converse (orthogonal) forms of 
energy, one which automatically converts into the other and back again. 
For electromagnetic waves these are the electrical and magnetic fields. A 
change in electrical field causes a buildup in magnetic field, a change in 
magnetic field causes a buildup in electrical field.

In case of sound, these two are pressure and speed (speed of motion of 
individual molecules), where relating to your question pressure is 
potential (non-moving) and speed is kinetic (moving) energy. When a wave 
passes through, a change in air speed will cause a compression or 
rarefaction of the air. As the air later tries to relax to its base state 
again it will push on the surrounding air (or pull at it) again causing 
motion. In a succession of pushes and pulls the "two waves" (pressure and 
speed) will make their way through the medium.

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