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Re: I graduated from Highschool in 1998 how do I get started in medical field?

Date: Thu Apr 5 13:55:28 2001
Posted By: Mark Friedman, Medical Student
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 985725133.Me

If I understand your question correctly, you recently finished high school and are now interested in possibly medicine.

I can definitely give you an idea how to approach this because I was in the same situation you are in not too many years ago. The first thing that you need to do is enroll in and graduate from college. Which particular university you attend is not so important, although doing relatively well in your college classes is crucial.

You can choose any major in the college but you will need to fulfill the pre-med requirements which will include two semesters of general chemistry, two semesters of organic chemistry, two semesters of physics, and two semesters of biology. As long as you take these required courses, you can major in whatever you like. I personally majored in English literature, and biology. After your junior year of college you will need to take the MCAT, which is a standardized test that is required for entrance into medical school.

Medical school itself is 4 years, and then you will do your internship and residency which for a field like cosmetic surgery could be an additional 4-7 years after medical school. So, it is a very long road, but I believe one of the most fulfilling careers you could chose.

Best of luck in your future plans!

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