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Subject: What would happen to a person if placed within Jupiters atmosphere?

Date: Fri Mar 9 14:49:13 2001
Posted by Migs
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So, let's say this person has a durable space suit that allows him/her to 
breath his/her own air supply, as well as give him/her sufficient protection 
against the turbulant weather of the planets atmosphere. Let's also say this 
person in his/her suit has rockets or some sort of device to make a controlled 
desent.. If placed within the atmosphere and allowed to fall... Would the 
astronaut ever reach a solid surface? If so, would this be the core of the 
planet? If so would it be as hot or hotter than the core of our planet? Is the 
gaseous atmosphere similar to the aquatic atmosphere of our planet, in the 
sense that the pressure increases the greater the depth? If it does, would the 
pressure crush the suit at a certain point?... My over all question is... Would 
the astronaut ever be able reach a point on Jupiter, where he/she could stand 
on a solid surface, and be able to walk around and see what's what?

Thanx for the help!

Re: What would happen to a person if placed within Jupiters atmosphere?

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