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Re: Where can I find names, formulas, and uses for compounds of aluminum?

Date: Wed Apr 11 00:40:48 2001
Posted By: Xianlong Wang, Grad student, Chemistry, Nanjing University
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 986148624.Ch

The first reference I recommend is Chemical Abstracts( Its 
various kinds of indexes provide a fast way to almost all aluminum 
compounds. You can also refer to some encyclopedia of inorganic compounds 
such as Ullmann and Gemlin. Internet site for Ullmann's Encyclopedia of 
Industrial Chemistry (Sixth Edition) is here. There is also a journal 
called "Aluminum".

Dan Berger adds:
For formulas of simple compounds of aluminum, try the Handbook of Chemistry and 
Physics. Greenwood and Earnshaw's "Chemistry of the Elements" is useful, 
as is Stwertka's "A Guide to the Elements".

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