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Re: Do Asian Tiger Mosquito bites itch non-stop for a week?

Date: Sun Apr 22 20:06:57 2001
Posted By: Clare Williams, Undergraduate, Environmental Biology Bsc, Reading University
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 987873312.Gb

hi greg,
In answer to your question I don`t personally know much about the asian 
tiger mosquito but from searching on the web I found many sites with 
information about the mosquito. One site said that "The Asian Tiger 
Mosquito is more aggressive than the Yellow Fever Mosquito, seeks hosts 
over a broader range of human activity, and has a bite that results in 
considerably more irritation." and since mosquito bites are generally 
itchy and irritating I can assume that this particular mosquito bite 
probably does itch for a week.
Here are some websites you might want to check out for more information 
about the mosquito. Tiger Mosquito at Rutges University
Mosquito Biology
Asian Tiger Mosquitos

I hope this is useful to you.
from clare williams

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