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Subject: How might the fatigue strength of a leaf spring be increased?

Date: Thu Apr 12 09:58:13 2001
Posted by mahboob
Grade level: grad (science) School: d.c.e.t
City: karachi State/Province: sindh Country: pakistan
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 987083893.Eg

its my second male here is specification of tht leaf spring.that u asked me
jis japnese standard sup-9, its composition is carbon .52 to .60%, mn is ..78 
cromium is 0.78% more or less and cu is 0.35 max, so sugges me .

MadSci admin tentative rewrite -

This is a repeat of my earlier question.  As requested, I have added 
specifications for the leaf spring.  The spring is a jis Japanese standard sup-
9.  The composition of the spring is as follows:

    Carbon     0.52 to 0.60 %
    Manganese  0.78 %
    Cromium    0.78 % (more or less ?)
    Copper     0.35 % (maximum)
    Iron       (assume the remainder is iron)

So, how might the fatigue strength of such a leaf spring be increased.


Re: How might the fatigue strength of a leaf spring be increased?

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