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Re: what ingredent in deodorant keeps people dry

Date: Mon Apr 23 20:37:30 2001
Posted By: Arthur Nascimento Junior, Staff, Federal Customs Analysis Laboratory, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 985877779.Ch

The ingredients uses to be ( specially as function of quality) 
Aluminiun salts like the Aluminiun palmitate or stearate
Zinc Fenolsulfonate 
Aerosil 200 ( a fine silica powder) ( actualy being prohibited)


The CRC Handbook of Cosmetics

Tratado de Pefumeria y Cosmetica  , by Fred Winter ( spanish translation) -
out of print.

Traité de Cosmetique e Parfumérie  ( old book from my collection ) , Franz 
Toezel ( Translated to french)

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