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Subject: Does gravity assist digestion ?

Date: Sun Mar 18 05:53:00 2001
Posted by Dave
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City: Melbourne State/Province: Vic Country: Australia
Area of science: General Biology
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Please help, my friend and i have a long standing argument over gravity and 
digestion.  While my friend agrees that gravity is not needed for digestion he 
believes that gravity helps digest food quicker or easier.  I always thought 
gravity has no affect at all on digestion.  We checked a university biology 
book which states that "digestion does not rely on gravity..." while my friend 
agrees with this, that digestion does not RELY on gravity, Gravity ASSISTS 
digestion.  For the sake of our friendship and sanity, can you please let us 
know. "Does gravity help/hinder digestion?"

Re: Does gravity assist digestion ?

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