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Subject: How are green eyes inherited?

Date: Mon Apr 23 12:46:29 2001
Posted by sarah
Grade level: 10-12 School: palisaides learning center
City: bloomfield State/Province: NJ Country: USA
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 988044389.Ge

I am reseaching how green eyes are inherited.  I know about the BEY and GEY 
genes and their locations on the chromosomes, also i know about how lipochrome 
is the pigment that causes green eyes. I have also talked to a couple experts 
in this field who say the BEY and GEY genes are not the only genes that cause 
eye color because they have been proven wrong. for example- 2 blue eyed parents 
logicly cannot have a brown eyed child according to these genes' punnet 
squares. yet this has happened before. My hypothesis is that green eyes are a 
result of racial mixing. In areas such as where china and russia meet, where 
the english colonized africa, brazil, northern ireland- these are all areas 
where green eyes are very common and I am trying to prove why. I cannot find 
any genes that make this logicly possible.

Re: How are green eyes inherited?

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